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Grassroots Summit Videos

2018 The 28th Grassroots Summit in the State of Washington (September 18~25, 2018)

2016 The 26th Summit in Atlanta (10/4`10/11, 2016)


Promotion Video of The 25th Summit in Oita

Promotion Video of The 25th Summit in Oita

2013 The 23rd Summit in Shimane (7/1`7/8, 2013)

2012 The 22nd Summit in North Texas (8/28`9/4, 2012)

2011 The 21st Summit in Kochi (6/27`7/4, 2011)

2010 The 20th Summit in San Francisco Bay Area (8/24`8/31, 2010)

2009 The 19th Summit in Miyagi (7/27`8/3, 2009)

2008 The 18th Summit in Kentucky (10/22`10/29, 2008)

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Other Related Videos to the Past Grassroots Summits

Gov. Schwarzenegger's video message
On Aug.25th 2010, in the Opening Ceremony of the San Francisco Bay Area Grassroots Summit, Gov. Schwarzenegger's video message to the Japanese participants was introduced.

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Presentations and dance at the North Texas Summit 2012
Presentation and Japanese folk dance by Tohoku students and the introduction of 2013 Summit in Shimane.

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The other videos are available from the following You Tube site.

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