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In praise of CIE

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

Japan and the United States are close allies. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, substantial support was provided by the United States, representing the firmness of our bilateral relationship.
I am committed to further strengthening our alliance which serves as the linchpin of the Japanese diplomacy. Broad mutual understanding and trust between the people of the two countries lie at the foundation of the alliance. From this perspective, grassroots exchanges have a vital role and I wish for the further success of the John Manjiro - Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange.



William F. Hagerty, IV, Ambassador, Embassy of United States of America

November 2017

Congratulations to the John Manjiro- Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange (CIE) for its excellent work fostering friendship between the people of the United States and Japan.

Today, 175 years after John Manjiro sailed into New Bedford harbor aboard Captain Whitfield’s John Howland, educating Japanese and American citizens about each other’s countries and cultures remains as important as ever. The personal connections between our citizens, exemplified by the friendship between and William Whitfield, are the foundation upon which our partnership is built. We must continue to invest in these people-to-people relationships, and I wish the CIE the best of luck for many more years of successful exchange.

William F. Hagerty, IV