past summit

Past Summit
The 28th Summit in Washington State 1,300 participants
The 27th Summit in Nara 1,000 participants
The 26th Summit in Greater Atlanta 1,820 participants
The 25th Summit in Oita 2,100 participants
The 24th Summit in San Diego 1,000 participants
The 23rd Summit in Shimane 2,000 participants
The 22nd Summit in North Texas 3,200 participants
The 21st Summit in Kochi 2,295 participants
The 20th Summit in San Francisco Bay Area 3,200 participants
The 19th Summit in Miyagi 1,850 participants
The 18th Summit in Kentucky 1,900 participants
The 17th Summit in Noto 2,100 participants
The 16th Summit in Colorado 1,200 participants
The 15th Summit in Tokai 1,500 participants
The 14th Summit in New England 800 participants
The 13th Summit in Chiba 700 participants
The 12th Summit in Texas 700 participants
  The 11th Summit in Hiroshima 1,500 participants
The 11th Summit in Hiroshima(postponement)  
The 10th Summit in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin 2,600 participants
The 9th Summit in Shizuoka 2,500 participants
The 8th Summit in Georgia 1,300 participants
The 7th Summit in Yamagata & Tokyo 3,700 participants
The 6th Summit in Colorado 600 participants
The 5th Summit in Kagoshima & Tokyo 1,500 participants
The 4th Summit in Virginia 500 participants
The 3rd Summit in Nagoya & Tokyo 1,500 participants
The 2nd Summit in Massachusetts, Montana & Wyoming 400 participants
The 1st Summit in Tokyo & Kyoto 2,300 participants