Himeji City is located in the southwest of Hyogo prefecture, bordered by mountains to the north and the Seto Inland Sea to the south. In the heart of the city is Himeji castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nearby on Mt. Shosha stands Engyoji, a temple with a thousand-year history and one of the filming sites for the movie The Last Samurai. Himeji is also well known for its continuing tradition of local artisans as well as its production of specialty goods such as sake and leather. Please enjoy the many charms of our city.

Naoki Kobayashi
I am the Administrative Director for the Himeji Cultural and International Exchange Foundation, an organization devoted to promoting meaningful intercultural relations. Himeji boasts a long history and rich culture, epitomized by our beautiful castle. I look forward to welcoming you to Himeji and hope you have a wonderful experience.

Surrounded by mountains and ocean, Kobe city has both the nature and the metropolitan appeal to attract many visitors. The view from Mt. Rokko is known as the "million-dollar" view of Kobe's night lights. The nearby Arima Onsen, one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan, has the power to ease and relax the body. Kobe has prospered as a port city and is designated as a "Creative City" by UNESCO. The city has an abundance of delicious food including its world-famous "Kobe Beef". Thanks to its pure mountain spring water and locally grown rice ideal for sake, Kobe is also home to the biggest sake production area in Japan.

Yumiko Nakayama / Yutaka Asai
We work in the International Department of the Kobe City Government and are responsible for sister-city relations. Kobe and Seattle are sister-cities and we recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of our relationship in 2017. We welcome you to Kobe, a beautiful city interlaced with traditional and modern cultures.

Nishinomiya contains within its area of approximately 100km², from north to south :mountains, rivers and ocean. Water filters through the mountains to emerge from a spring where it is known as “Miyamizu.” This water gives Nishinomiya’s sake a distinctive, clear-cut finish. The yacht harbor in Nishinomiya has a great view of Osaka Bay. In 1962, Kenichi Horie started his voyage from this harbor in a small yacht and succeeded sailing single-handed across the Pacific Ocean.

Kyoko Tanaka
I am the Chairman of Nishinomiya City International Association. As the Honorary Chairman of Nishinomiya Pharmacists Association, I manage my pharmacy while actively participating in many international exchanges. I have visited our sister city Spokane, Washington. I hope you can feel the our warm welcome here in Nishinomiya where we value friendships.

Takarazuka is a city where new blends with old. There are many ancient shrines and temples, such as the Kiyoshi-kojin Seichoji Temple and the Nakayamadera Temple, both of which are registered as National Treasures. Besides being well known for the all-female dance revue, the “Takarazuka Revue”, it was also home to the world-renowned manga artist, Osamu Tezuka.We sincerely hope you have a warm and memorable experience during your visit.

Keiko Kato
The City of Augusta, in Georgia, is the sister city of Takarazuka.I am the president of the Takarazuka International Friendship Association (TIFA).I have been involved with volunteer activities for 30 years, striving to contribute to mutual understanding among our different cultures and I am looking forward to seeing you here in Takarazuka.

Tamba Sasayama is the birthplace of “Dekansho”.
The folk tune known as “Dekansho Bushi “ has long been sung among the people of Sasayama and has been designated as a Japanese folk culture heritage. Surrounded by mountains and rich nature, the original landscape remains preserved here. There are many local products including black beans, potatoes and chestnuts which have long been produced in this area. 
With the Sasayama Castle remains at its center the downtown areas tell a tale of history of samurai, merchants, and temples which can still be heard today.

Masayoshi Matsumoto
Dear friends from the USA. My name is Masayoshi Matsumoto, and I hope to contribute to the friendship and peace of these cross-cultural exchanges. Sasayama and Walla Walla, WA have been sister-cities since 1972, and high school students and citizens have been communicating closely. Sasayama has been designated a “Creative City” by UNESCO. Here you can experience history though two heritage sites: the castle remains and the old town center. I look forward to seeing you.

Tamba City, located in the mid-east of Hyogo prefecture, has rich nature and farmlands. In the early summer, you can see fireflies along the streams. There are many places to visit such as the Kozenji-Temple, Kaibara Jinya historical site and the exhibition of Titanosaurus that was discovered here after laying in the ground for over a million years. Come and experience the nature and history of Japan in Tamba!

Naoki Yamaguchi
I am the Chairman of Tamba City International Relationship Association. About 44 years ago, I traveled around the whole world for a year, visiting more than 50 countries and meeting many people.  As I travelled I received so much kindness in so many places during the trip, I continue even now to repay some of that kindness.

Awaji City is the gateway to Awaji Island through the Akashi Strait Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge. Bright sunshine and warm weather produce rich and plentiful nature and foods. Awaji is also known as the special island giving a myth about the birth of the land of Japan, called “Kuniumi”, and the story was recognized as a Japan Heritage. Our beautiful city fascinates many tourists around the world with seasonal flowers, mountains, ocean, rich foods and historical spots .

Mami Ueda / Masako Mori
We are in charge of the sister city exchange program with St. Marys, Ohio and supporting foreigners living here at Awaji City International Association (ACIA). We both have lived in the U.S.A and hope to energize Awaji through international interactions. Awaji city located in what so called “the beginning island of Japan” is the connecting city with the mainland Japan. Also we are surrounded with mountains and ocean, blessed with various foods and deep history. Awaji city is looking forward to your visit.

Kato City is brimming with traditional culture, blessed with rich nature and tranquil rice fields. Visitors are often thrilled by the Toryu-nada valley on the Kakogawa-River by the dynamic scenery, unique rocks, fast streams, and waterfalls.You can enjoy the experience of planting “Yamada Nishiki” rice, which is a special rice used for brewing sake. You also visit a sake factory, try out Zen meditation, as well as experiencing koto, tea ceremony, origami and so on. Come to Kato and enjoy nature, age-old traditions, and a glass or two of sake.

Yonekazu Hirakawa
I am the Chairman of Kato International Relation Association. Kato City is a sister city of Olympia and Chelan, WA, and Hollister, CA. The association provides exchange events for college students, foreign residents, and other citizens. We also offer Japanese language classes, English camps for elementary students, Japanese oratorial contests, and more. Sake is becoming popular across the world now, and Kato city area produces “Yamada Nishiki” variety of rice, an important ingredient of sake. We believe that in time Kato will be a famous place for sake, equivalent to Bordeaux and its wines. During your stay, you can experience rice planting. In closing I would like to welcome you to Kato, a city rich in nature.

Tatsuno City is a captivating castle town called the “Little Kyoto of Harima”. This town has thick forests, gently sloping beaches well-known across Japan, and a science park that encourages innovative technologies. It boasts a range of high quality, locally made products known around the country, such as soy sauce, somen-noodles, and leather goods. We are sure you will enjoy our beautiful scenery, cuisine and more. We look forward to seeing you.

Tsuyuko Majima
I am the Chairman of Tatsuno International Association (TIA). TIA is a voluntary organization which aims to inspire multicultural cooperation and mutual understanding by assisting foreign residents with Japanese language study and social support. Tatsuno City, my hometown, has rich nature with mountains, the Ibo-river and its clear water, and the Seto inland sea. I look forward to welcoming you to the city I love: Tatsuno.

Asago City, located near the center of Hyogo Prefecture, has rich nature and many historical heritage sites: ancient tombs, the Takeda Castle-site (also known as Japan’s Machu Pichu), and Ikuno Ginzan, where French engineers participated in activities at the Mikobata silver ore processing site. Two years ago, this spot was designated a national heritage site. Known for producing many artists, Asago City and the Asago Art Museum promote the town’s revitalization and the development of a close-knit community, through art. 

Hidetoshi Inoue
I am the Chairman of the Asago City International Relationship Association. Every year we run a range of exchange programs between Oregon in the US, Canada, France and China. Takeda Castle, presented by Google as a “sky castle”, is a truly fantastic place. I would like to show you around the town and give you a taste of our hospitality. I look forward to seeing you.